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NVC Level 2 in Electrical Technology (Domestic Electrician)

Domestic electrician specialise in domestic wiring, learning to diagnose and repair faults and install new electrical components.


Domestic electrician specialise in domestic wiring, learning to diagnose and repair faults and install new electrical components.

What you will learn

In this course you will learn about electricity and its sources of generation, explain current, volt, and resistance their units and relationship among them i.e. Ohm’s law and its simple application, describe series and parallel circuits, explain voltage drop in the line, as well as explain the estimation of material and tools for all domestic installations. You will also be able to define the construction of simple measuring instruments i.e. voltmeter, ammeter, megger meter, watt and kwh meter, differentiate between single-phase and three-phase loads and describe the single-phase motor, and identify and rectify faults.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification. You can enroll in this course now.

Training Outcome

After completing this course, you will be able to interpret electrical drawings of buildings to fix wiring, take measurements according to planned wiring, calculate the load of all electrical appliances and install electrical cables and wires. You will also be able to perform repair and maintenance of electrical appliances, ensure occupational health and safety (OHS) and develop professionalism.

Potential Employers

This course has broad prospects of employment in:

  1. Offer services as an electrician to an electrical shop, industry and to building contractors.
  2. Work as an Assistant Electrician in Public or Private Organizations.
  3. Seek employment in Industries (manufacture/assembly)
  4. Set up his/her enterprise.
  5. After gaining sufficient exposure he/she can work as Contractor for Annual Maintenance/Repair of residential/ institutional/ of small commercial buildings etc.
  6. Foreign Job Opportunities

Along with the potential to open his own shop as Domestic Electrician.

Training Outcome

Develop Your Talent

Develop the skills that will help you get ahead in this career:

  1. The ability to collaborate
  2. Great communication skills
  3. To make the most of your adventurous spirit

Achieve Your Goals

Completing this course will provide you with:

  1. A nationally recognised Certificate; qualification and job readiness to work as a general purpose hand
  2. Eligibility to apply for your Job – general purpose hand certification

Why choose PSDF?

PSDF offers market relevant training, with the following advantages over traditional courses:

  1. It is focused on outcomes and based on teamwork
  2. It is learner-centric, teachers act as facilitators for improving the learning process
  3. The course is broad and offers all required competencies for the trade
  4. In addition to the technical skills, trainees are also taught soft skills necessary for the workplace

Only certified National Assessors can conduct CBT assessment.


6 Month

Education Level

Class 8

Source Of Curriculum


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English, Urdu

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Admission Process.

No special qualifications are required. You can enroll in this course now.



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