About Us


Dr. Ijaz Nabi


Dr. Ijaz Nabi is Professor of Economics Lahore University of Management Sciences. He is also member of Prime Minister’s Economic... Read More

Ms. Khawar Mumtaz


Ms. Khawar Mumtaz is a Pakistani women’s rights activist, university lecturer and author, who is working as Chairperson of National... Read More

Dr. Naved Hamid


Dr. Naved Hamid is director, Center for Research in Economics and Business (CREB) and Professor of Economics at the Lahore... Read More

Ms. Ghazala Rehman


Ms. Ghazala Rehman is also Chief Executive Officer of Indesign Interior, Lahore. Ms. Rehman single-handedly pioneered a movement in Pakistan’s... Read More

Ms. Aqueela Mumtaz


Ms. Aqueela Mumtaz is a Financial Advisor and currently working as Head of Corporate Accounting, Risk and Tax at Jazz.... Read More

Mr. Shehryar Ali Baksh

Non-Executive Director

Mr. Shehryar Ali Baksh is the Managing Director of HKB Private Limited. He is a LUMS alumni and has extensive... Read More

Mr. Monis Rahman

Non-Executive Director

Mr. Monis Rahman is one of Pakistan’s digital pioneers with expertise in online employment platforms, digital lending and e-commerce. He... Read More

Ms. Zahra Zaidi

Non-Executive Director

Ms. Zahra Zaidi is an MBA graduate from the University of Minnesota. She has accumulated several years of experience in... Read More

Ms. Rabia Zia

Non-Executive Director

Ms. Rabia Zia is currently working as Chief of Staff (Honorary) – Governor of The Punjab for coordinating/presenting initiatives related... Read More

Mr. Jawad Khan

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Jawad Khan has been the CEO of PSDF since 2016. Prior to joining PSDF, he has 15 years of... Read More

Mr. Imran Sikander

Director (Govt. Secretary)

Mr. Imran Sikander is Ex-Officio member and serving as “Secretary” for Planning & Development Department, Government of the Punjab, He... Read More

Mr. Zafar Iqbal

Director (Govt. Secretary)

Mr. Zafar Iqbal is Ex-Officio member and currently serving as “Secretary” for Industries, Commerce, Investment & Skills Development Department, Government... Read More

Mr. Abdullah Sumbal

Director (Govt. Secretary)

Mr. Abdullah Sumbal is Ex-Officio member and serving as “Secretary” for Finance Department, Government of the Punjab. Read More

Mr. Nabeel Javed

Director (Govt. Secretary)

Mr. Nabeel Javed belongs to PAS and currently working as Secretary Livestock, Government of the Punjab Read More