PSDF and LWMC Sign MOU to Provide Skills Training for Children of LWMC Staff - PSDF

اگست 8, 2023

PSDF and LWMC Sign MOU to Provide Skills Training for Children of LWMC Staff.

PSDF and LWMC have signed a multi-layered MOU under which they will collaborate to provide technical and vocational trainings in and around Lahore to the eligible children of LWMC staff that fall within PSDF’s mandate. PSDF will provide skills training to LWMC staff’s children including customized programs for women and non Muslim youth, by reserving up to 10% of its seats for its ongoing skilling programs with training service providers exclusively for LWMC staff’s children. This will help them get prepared for income generation in job markets, self-employment & entrepreneurship. The skills trainings trades range from traditional skills to information technology and are designed on the latest approved curricula. In the second stage of the MOU, LWMC will collaborate with PSDF to fund whole training schemes exclusively for the eligible children of LWMC staff to help uplift worker communities in and around Lahore. At the signing ceremony, COO PSDF said “Partnering with LWMC to help break the cycle of poverty in marginalized communities is a core mandate of PSDF, and we are proud to be working with the team to manage this change and help uplift the lives and financial independence of communities”. Babar Sahab Din, CEO LWMC said “the skilling partnership is all about helping the families of our staff and employees in Lahore to develop economically. We have a huge task ahead of us and this is the right step to integrate and grow our communities. ”
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