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Masons specialize in performing masonry work in foundation plinth and super-structure by using English and Flemish bonds.


Masons specialize in performing masonry work in foundation plinth and super-structure by using English and Flemish bonds.

What you will learn

The course will allow the trainee to learn about onsite safety regarding equipment. They will also learn to read & interpret drawings of building works, demarcate foundation layout plan at exact construction location, perform masonry work in foundation plinth and super-structure by using English and Flemish bonds, erect mason scaffolding to any height properly for construction and repair works, construct circular wall and walls with acute and obtuse angles, erect centering for arches and construct semi circular & segmental brick arches, perform surface rendering (plastering and pointing) of masonry work, place different types of brick floor bonds, construct different types of concrete floor, and tile floors, construct drainage works for residential building such as laying open drains, sewer line, manhole & septic tank etc, repair cracked walls, floors and replace defective portions etc and calculate materials required for different jobs / items of works to be performed by mason.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification. You can enroll in this course now.

Training Outcome

On successful completion of this course, the trainee will be able to explain the occupational health and safety measures to prevent any chance of accident, read and interpret drawings, describe the building components and sequence of their construction, describe the properties of various building materials e.g. brick, aggregates, Cement & Stone etc, describe the construction bonds and their appropriate selections as per situation.

The course will also explain the importance of water cement ratio (W/C), describe the various type of arches their method of construction, describe the various methods of insulating roof & walls from heat and dampness respectively, describe the drainage works, explain the rough cost estimation on the basis of covered area and estimate materials for brickwork, plastering, pointing, concreting and flooring etc.

Potential Employers

Training Outcome

Develop Your Talent

Develop the skills that will help you get ahead in this career:

  1. The ability to collaborate
  2. Great communication skills
  3. To make the most of your adventurous spirit

Achieve Your Goals

Completing this course will provide you with:

  1. A nationally recognised Certificate; qualification and job readiness to work as a general purpose hand
  2. Eligibility to apply for your Job – general purpose hand certification

Why choose PSDF?

PSDF offers market relevant training, with the following advantages over traditional courses:

  1. It is focused on outcomes and based on teamwork
  2. It is learner-centric, teachers act as facilitators for improving the learning process
  3. The course is broad and offers all required competencies for the trade
  4. In addition to the technical skills, trainees are also taught soft skills necessary for the workplace

Only certified National Assessors can conduct CBT assessment.


5 Month

Education Level

Class 5

Source Of Curriculum


Certification Authority Name



English, Urdu

Expected Monthly income

PKR 25,000 - 30,000

Student Testimonial.

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Admission Process.

No special qualifications are required. You can enroll in this course now.



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