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Hybrid Professional Cook


Hybrid Professional Cook is designed for students who aim to pursue a regular job or start their own business through professional certification in the cooking and hotel industry

What you will learn

he main purpose of this course is to provide young people with basic knowledge, skills and understanding in regards of cooking, to teach all the important topics related to cooking through the simplest language and method and to develop your cooking skills, so that they can not only work in the field of coking but also start their own business.

The students will also get to know the opportunities and challenges in the field of cooking. unit explains the purpose and goal of the course. It highlights that the course is specially designed for the students who aim to pursue a regular job or start their own business through a professional certification in cooking and hotel industry and learn how preparation of various dishes in the professional manner.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification. You can enroll in this course now.

Training Outcome

After completing this course you will be able to learn

  • Master basic food preparation and cooking processes and culinary techniques
  • Apply food safety and hygiene regulations
  • Maintain professional standards throughout shift
  • Be aware of nutritional, economic and ecological requirements
  • Prepare and cook vegetables
  • Prepare, cook and finish meat, poultry and fish dishes
  • Prepare and finish simple salad and fruit dishes
  • Prepare and cook pasta and rice dishes
  • Prepare and cook eggs and egg dishes
  • Prepare and cook grain and pulses
  • Prepare and cook soups, stocks and sauces
  • Prepare, cook and finish simple bread and dough products
  • Prepare hot and cold sandwiches
  • Prepare and finish simple sweet dishes
  • Clean kitchen equipment and cooking utensils
  • Complete kitchen shift effectively
  • Identify and pursue new business opportunities in the hospitality sector


3 Month

Education Level

Class 8

Source Of Curriculum


Certification Authority Name



English, Urdu

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Admission Process.

No special qualifications are required. You can enroll in this course now.



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