PSDF Strengthens Skills of Punjab’s Rural Women, Empowering them Economically - PSDF

December 24, 2022

PSDF Strengthens Skills of Punjab’s Rural Women, Empowering them Economically.

WTLM (WOMEN’S LIVESTOCK TRAINING) PSDF continues its community-based skill training program, empowering the country’s rural women in livestock management skills. The women’s livestock training management (WTLM) is executed across key agricultural districts in Punjab and engages women on a community level to increase their knowledge and skills in managing livestock for better yield. Under this program, PSDF has trained more than 8,600 women this year across 27 districts in Punjab that are agriculture-reliant for employment and household income, training them in skills to improve milk yield, animal health, prevention of disease and introducing them to modern livestock practices. This is part of PSDF| Haryali which is focused on developing skillsets of people for a prosperous agricultural and abundantly green future. Pakistan’s economy is still heavily dependent on agriculture and women play a critical role in this sector. The agriculture sector is vulnerable (at risk) due to climate change, making it essential nationally to equip farmers and dairy-stock managers to be knowledgeable with modern methods. These trainings not only improve women’s technical skills but also give many women the opportunity for mobility, encouraging the participation of women in public life, their self-development and acknowledge the significant role the rural woman plays in Pakistan’s economic success.


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