Post-Coursera Graduation Ceremony - PSDF

March 27, 2023

Post-Coursera Graduation Ceremony.

Congratulations to PSDF’s online graduates! On 22 March PSDF held a special graduation and certification distribution ceremony for students of its online learning skills trainings under the Coursera by PSDF program which is part of PSDF| e-tayyar, PSDF’s partnership with Coursera is unique as it is the only collaboration with the world’s largest e-learning platform. PSDF has graduated 1000 students who successfully completed their specializations in digital skills across the domains of Digital Marketing, Finance, and IT readying our youth for the digital economy. The specializations chosen by PSDF were specially curated to bring the most in demand market skills to the youth of Punjab. We had students from all over Punjab on and offline attend the ceremony, we are proud of PSDF graduates, online learning can be a challenging process but with the determination of our students and the support system PSDF has put in place through its dedicated Hunar call centre to motivate and to address any online learning challenges of its learners has helped us reach this milestone.
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