Specialist Digital Marketing - PSDF

Specialist Digital Marketing

Last date to apply: August 15, 2023

Getting to know PSDF

Our purpose-You will be part of the largest skills development fund in Pakistan. PSDF’s purpose is to shape the future and well-being of our poor and vulnerable youth by giving them access to skills training of the highest standard so they can find sustainable employment and income-generating opportunities in Pakistan and beyond.

The impact we have created-PSDF started its operations in the 4 poorest districts of Punjab. Since 2016, the geographical remit has expanded to the entire 36 districts of Punjab. PSDF has trained almost 300,000 underprivileged youth across Punjab, which includes 180,000+ male and 110,000+ female graduates. These graduates have been trained in approximately 250 demand-driven and market relevant trades across 10 sectors.

Diversified and challenging team-At PSDF, our team constantly works in a fast paced and challenging environment and needs someone who can match and deliver at our pace. We are looking for a passionate and innately talented individual who can actively pursue and drive the agenda of PSDF and is always ready to take up new challenges.

How the Role looks like

Custodian of the PSDF website and ancillary portals to ensure completeness and accuracy of information, and compliance with regulatory requirements.
The main opportunities and challenges for this role are:

  1. Responsible for managing and maintaining PSDF presence on all digital fronts.
    Assets PSDF will focus on building:
    o Website
    o Facebook
    o Twitter
    o LinkedIn & Youtube
  2. Not just digitally savvy but has the apt to connect to the PSDF assets round the clock and liaises with the agencies, internal stakeholders and the team itself to ensure 100% flawless execution.
  3. Work closely with IT team and agencies to ensure clean and flawless website presence.
  4. Identify and address any negative sentiment on all social fronts.
  5. Planning and execution of all online ad campaigns.
  6. Responsible for seamless execution of all digital media campaigns.
  7. Monitor and evaluate all online ads campaigns and ensure cost effectiveness.
  8. Budget utilization in a cost effective/ efficient manner.
  9. Research and implement best and new social media optimization techniques.
  10. Maximize media exposure for PSDF across all digital frontswith minimum cost.
  11. Work closely with all external agencies to manage and produce good quality designs and material that emphasize upon the Corporate Brand image of PSDF. Also, manage the work flow to ensure that all deliverables are completed in a timely manner.
  12. Design, execute and analyze content calendars, in liaison with the digital agency.
  13. Analysis and reporting of digital footprints.
  14. Handle any other tasks, as assigned by the Head of the Department.

What do we expect you to achieve?

The main accountabilities for this role include:

  1. Maximize media exposure with minimum cost involved.
  2. Deliver PSDF’s message to the desired target audience with minimum cost involved.
  3. Work closely with the external agencies to ensure timely and effective delivery.
  4. Ensure target audience receives the right information and message through PSDF digital portals on a regular basis.

Are you the right fit for this Job?

To apply, you must have:

  1. Bachelor’s degree (Hons) / Master’s degree in Marketing or a relevant / similar degree from an HEC-recognized / accredited university.
  2. A minimum of 4 years of relevant / similar experience.
  3. A strong Digital related portfolio will be preferred.

The required experience for this role requires you to have:

  1. Highly organized, attention to detail, results oriented.
  2. Experience in handling & managing social media portals and campaigns.
  3. Digital media buying, planning and execution.
  4. Digital design/layout experience desired.
  5. Knowledge of electronic media such as websites, e-newsletters, and social media.
  6. Ability to creatively find solutions to challenges.
  7. Ability to anticipate, manage and resolve conflicts.
  8. Team player with leadership skills, abilities, and desire to interact with people at all levels.
  9. Demonstrated dedication to work effectively with underserved, at-risk, and vulnerable populations.
  10. Ability to work effectively with key stakeholders: internal departments and key partners.

What are we offering?

PSDF has a lot more to offer than a market competitive salary and perks. As a PSDF employee you will get:

  • Professional development and career growth opportunities with the largest skills development fund in Pakistan.
  • Experience a professional environment that believes in innovative solutions to addressing youth employment and entrepreneurship.
  • Opportunity to develop and execute innovative approaches to skills development for Pakistan’s youth.
Job Reports to:

Head Marketing, Research & Business Development.




As per the Requirement

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