Head Finance - PSDF

Head Finance

Last date to apply: August 15, 2023

Getting to know PSDF

Our purpose-You will be part of the largest skills development fund in Pakistan. PSDF’s purpose is to shape the future and well-being of our poor and vulnerable youth by giving them access to skills training of the highest standard so they can find sustainable employment and income-generating opportunities in Pakistan and beyond.

The impact we have created-PSDF started its operations in the 4 poorest districts of Punjab. Since 2016, the geographical remit has expanded to the entire 36 districts of Punjab. PSDF has trained almost 300,000 underprivileged youth across Punjab, which includes 180,000+ male and 110,000+ female graduates. These graduates have been trained in approximately 250 demand-driven and market relevant trades across 10 sectors.

Diversified and challenging team-At PSDF, our team constantly works in a fast paced and challenging environment and needs someone who can match and deliver at our pace. We are looking for a passionate and innately talented individual who can actively pursue and drive the agenda of PSDF and is always ready to take up new challenges.

How the Role looks like

This position leads and manages operations of Finance department of PSDF. Prepares and develops the departmental budget and plan aligned with departmental goals. Plans and organizes the annual budget planning and review exercise.

The primary job responsibilities for this role that will be carried out are:

  1. Shares departmental performance with supervisor against objectives set for previous year.
  2. Understands & collects departmental requirements with support of subordinates and reflects upon department’s associated needs.
  3. Develops finance departmental objectives/ plans considering objectives and sets targets for upcoming year based upon comparative and trend analysis.
  4. Leads the budgeting and planning exercise. Initiates the budget preparation process upon receiving target elements/ focus areas from CFO.
  5. Engages relevant departments for budget preparation and seeks clarification in proposed budget from respective departments.
  6. Advises on and ensures that proper financial controls are in-place and exercised.
  7. Maintains a working knowledge of how new regulations/policies, and political/economic trends may impact.
  8. Monitors and managers finance operations. Prepares management accounts of monthly / quarterly bases or as per set criteria.
  9. Estimates cash flows based on invoicing schedule and approved budgets and manages as per CFO’s direction.
  10. Highlights associated challenges and devises actions steps to cope with challenges based on the recommendation, feedback, and ideas of CFO.
  11. Brainstorms ideas for improvements in progress of accounts, seeks support of management for resolution of pending matters.
  12. Understands special reports requirements from CFO, prepares and presents the reports as per defined timelines.
  13. Oversees preparation of monthly accounting reports as per standards by reviewing all expenses OPEX and CAPEX in-coordination with CFO.
  14. Provides effective and inspiring leadership to the team. Ensures parity among subordinates with regards to learning and growth opportunities.
  15. Helps creating a conducive working environment to build and sustain an engaged and committed team.

What do we expect you to achieve?

To perform effectively as Head of Finance & Accounts, the Key Performance Indicators for this role are:

  • %age of departmental objectives achieved
  • 100% compliance with allocated budget
  • 100% Alignment of Departmental plans with organization objectives
  • 100% compliance with approved budget
  • Minimum of budget deviations
  • 100% compliance to policies and procedures
  • Number of invoicing queries timely resolved
  • 100% posting of invoicing into the system
  • 100% accuracy of data
  • 100% compliance of the accounting function
  • Timely execution of accounting tasks
  • Timely rectification of errors
  • 100% accuracy of billing data
  • 100% accuracy of data
  • Timely data collection
  • Timely formulation of reports
  • Timely approvals
  • Compliance with all relevant standards and requirements
  • Accurate and timely preparation of Monthly/quarterly/yearly accounts
  • Minimum Audit observations

Are you the right fit for this Job?

To apply you must have:

  1. Master’s degree / CA / ACCA or any relevant / similar degree from an HEC-recognized / accredited university.
  2. Member of a professional accounting body with a minimum of 10 years of with 3 years of experience at senior management role in relevant / similar field.
  3. Experience in financial management, treasury, taxation will be preferred.

To perform effectively as Head of Finance & Accounts, the functional requirements are: 

  1. Understanding of business processes, practices and SOPs of PSDF
  2. Good practical knowledge of IAS and Company’s Ordinance 1984
  3. Good understanding of business processes and Company systems like ERP Financials
  4. Knowhow of Audit & Internal Control Standards
  5. Thorough knowledge of IFRS
  6. Knowledge of risk assessment and management
  7. Acquaintance with Federal and Provincial Tax Regulations
  8. Knowledge of banking regulations
  9. Understanding of companies’ Ordinance 1984
  10. Knowledge of Risk Management Principles and Techniques

What are we offering?

PSDF has a lot more to offer than a market competitive salary and perks. As a PSDF employee you will get:

  • Professional development and career growth opportunities with the largest skills development fund in Pakistan.
  • Experience a professional environment that believes in innovative solutions to addressing youth employment and entrepreneurship.
  • Opportunity to develop and execute innovative approaches to skills development for Pakistan’s youth.
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