Current Project

Women Focused Employment Driven Training

Punjab Skills Development Fund launched the scheme “Women focussed Employment Driven Training” in January 2017. Under the scheme, a total of 9,725 females from all the districts of Punjab. Trainings are being imparted in various trades that ranged from Information and Technology, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Garments etc.

Females will be trained

Placement guaranteed



  • Engaged employers, industrial units / establishments from various sectors of economy to ensure demand driven training and placement.
  • The trainings are taking place in various sectors such as the service, Information Technology, Light engineering and textile.
  • The total enrolment target of females under the scheme for a year is more than 10,000 and trainings are taking place in urban areas of Punjab.
  • Under this scheme, the poor and vulnerable women across Punjab has been given a golden opportunity to develop high demanded skills so that they could actively participate in various sectors of the economy.
  • More than 50% trained females will be employed in various industries.