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Digital & financial literacy


PSDF conducted a survey of its beneficiaries with the objective of gauging their digital and financial literacy levels. ​​

Through the survey, PSDF was able to gauge the access level of smartphones as well as internet and literacy levels of its trainees regarding usage of smartphones, social media, basic understanding of finances and financial services. ​​

To help improve the understanding level of trainees in usage of smartphones, social media services, as well as financial services and mobile wallets, PSDF has developed an online training program on “Digital and Financial Literacy”. ​

Training Outcome

Through this course Trainees will be able to learn:​

Digital Skills ​

  • Understand how to navigate and use a smartphone​
  • Use mobile internet service ​
  • Update settings and preferences for different internet services ​
  • Manage digital footprint – Ethics/Safety​
  • Use common mobile applications​
  • Understand different sources and content on the internet ​
  • Create tailored content and share with relevant audience​


Financial Skills ​

  • Understand and document transactions​
  • Apply basics of financial planning & budgeting​
  • Use technology to manage money​
  • Protect/Manage Security ​
  • Understand and use E-Commerce​

Training Type




Course Duration

Approx. 2 hours to complete

How To Pay.

Admission Process.



There’s a form you’ll need to fill out, so we’ll send these to training provider. They’ll run through the applicaiton so you can kick off your training on the right foot.


Get the OTP and Complete your Registration

This is where you’ll do your off-job learning. You’ll need to let your Skills to know which provider you want to go with when sign up.


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