Syed Saleem Abbas

Saleem is now realizing his dreams as an Electrical Supervisor in a well-known firm!

At an age of 25, Saleem has fully realized its responsibilities towards its family. His father died 20 years ago when Saleem was barely a grown-up and only remembers his vague glimpse. Before the death of his father, they made a well to-do family, with his two more siblings, an elder brother and a sister. After the death of his father, their relatives never gave them their due share into the agricultural land in Hasilpur, a tehsil of Bahawalpur district. To mitigate the crisis his brother started working at a very young age on daily wages and as laborer in the agricultural fields.

“We spent an awful childhood with a really truncated income stream. My brother could not continue his schooling. We sent our sister to school for few years but later on she also had to quit school. My mother wanted me to continue my education. I did my D.A.E electronic from Government College of Technology, Bahawalpur. After having this diploma, it was again difficult to secure a good job, I was barely earning PkR 7000 when my friend shared with me a newspaper ad displaying the admission criteria of PSDF funded courses’’ he said

Saleem completed his training of Electrical Supervisor from Descons Training Institute Lahore in 2012 under PSDF funding. Now Saleem is employed at Barkat Textiles in Lahore and is taking a monthly salary of PkR 25000/-. He is sending money back home which has enabled him to ease their financial confiscation. Both brothers also arranged for the wedding of their sister. Saleem is hopeful that he woul certainly be able to pay off the loans they took for their sister’s wedding as he is expecting a raise in his salary.

‘’ When I decided to take the course of Electrical Supervisor in Lahore, my mother was worried as it was going to curtail my share in our household income. But I convinced her as I told her that it is going to be free of cost and I was going to get free accommodation and sufficient monthly stipend. I got my job after one month of the course completion. I would definitely like to urge others, who are currently directionless due to prolonged poverty, to take PSDF funded courses of various vocational trainings. I would also like to say many thanks to the organization for the provision and support. There is no other way but to work hard in order to make a way out of difficulties’’. he said.