Masooma Gouhar

Masooma is hemming a bright future!

Residing among the meager provisions in Alipur, Muzafargarh, Masoma Gohar had always aspired for a source to support her family. Her father was a commercial wall painter and was the only source of income for a large family comprising of Masoma’s seven brothers and sisters.

Since I was young I could never wake up to a day free of the problems posed by our financial encumbrance. My father was making a low income making it difficult to provide adequate facilities for a sizable family. After his death the situation became worse, my elder brother had to quit his education and started working as a painter as he always had a knack for it.

Masooma always wished to support her family in relieving their financial encumbrance. She had only done her Bachelors of Arts which did not equip her with any skills to find a better job.

I was dejected but retained the spark to grow out of these hitches. I came to know about PSDF-funded vocational trainings through a banner displayed in our community. I probed further and came to know about the variety of courses which were being organized specially for women. My spirits elevated even higher as I came to know that the courses were free of cost and the trainees will also be provided with monthly stipend, course material, boarding and lodging facilities. I discussed it with my mother and she encouraged me to go ahead for the training.

Masooma applied for the course of Dress Designing and got admission. After completion of her training, she started to provide designing and tailoring services to the women of her community and later became popular with the appeal and intricacy of her designs.

We were imparted with innovative techniques of dress designing, we were made to practice striking patterns and arresting design ideas which enabled me to sustain the market competition. Our instructors also told us about the entire idea of client handling and also told us about its significance for a successful business.

Now I am generating ample money to support my family and looking forward to save money as I aim to open up my own boutique. Now I am skilled to earn independently and it has taken away many other social fears and insecurities. I am encouraging my younger sisters to attend PSDF-funded vocational courses to become self-reliant women.

Masooma Gouhar