Women Training for Home Based Livestock

Punjab Skills Development Fund launched the scheme “Women Training for Home Based Livestock” in October 2016. Under the scheme, a total of 1,000 females from all the districts of Punjab are trained. Training are being imparted in the livestock sector and home-based livestock farming related to buffalo, goats, and poultry.

  • Provision of skills training to the rural women of Punjab who are actively involved in the management of home-based livestock.
  • 15,000 female trainees were trained over a span of one-year on village level in the districts of central, southern & northern Punjab
  • The courses selected under this scheme were based on the livestock sector which covered contents related to buffalo/cow, goat/sheep, and poultry management.
  • The major purpose of this scheme was to support the rural economy through provision of skills to women enabling them to increase their participation in economic activities and increase household income.