PSDF has developed the Industry Training Programmes (ITPs) to attract businesses across all sectors, to train the youth according to their skill needs. In these programmes, businesses have the flexibility to design the training coursework and teaching materials, select trainers to teach the course and conduct the course at their own facility or in partnership with other training providers. When the youth is trained by businesses within the industry, its prospects of finding sustainable employment increases significantly.

PSDF funds the training, uniforms and bags cost for the trainees and pays them a monthly stipend as an incentive to complete training.

Key Requirements
• Should be registered as a business
• Dedicated classroom and instructor
• 50% employment commitment by the business

If you are an organisation and fulfill the below requirements then come and work with PSDF:
*NTN/FTN, proof of financial health, proof of legal status and guarantee of employment
Training In 10+ Sectors
Working with140+ Businesses
Training In80+Trades
13000+Women Graduates