For Hashim, Life has now become a more blissful endeavor. He attended PSDF-funded six months course of Computer Applications and now he has been appointed as an assistant accountant in a private firm.

Mohammad Hashim, a resident of Muzaffargarh, was never acquainted with the brighter side of life. At the age of 25, he was struggling to give his intermediate exam while trying to make money from odd jobs in order to contribute to his soaring household expenses. He had seen his father, a wood worker, toiling day-and-night to feed a family of 12. His elder brother could not pursue his education after matriculation and started working to bring some relief to his father.

“We three were working in our family, but we were not making enough money to keep our expense roll running smoothly,” Hahsim told PSDF in the interview. Unfortunately in our country, laborers are never sufficiently compensated.  “The dearth of finances never allowed me to attain any formal training to have better livelihood opportunities,’’ he said.

One day on his way back home from his college, Hashim spotted a banner announcing the fully funded trainings by Punjab Skills Development Fund. Hashim always wanted to pursue his career in Information Technology; computers used to intrigue him so he applied in the course of Computer Applications and got enrolled.

I had aptitude for computer sciences and I was thrilled to get enrolled in the course of Computer Applications. I knew that this training render better job prospects for me. My father was a little reluctant to send me away to attend the training as it was going to trench our income stream but I managed to convince him.

Hashim’s performance was outstanding throughout the course which made him secure a job at Al Rahim Traders as an assistant accountant. “Hashim was meticulous and diligent throughout the course, we saw him assiduously absorbing the skills and by the end of the course he was proficient in his field,” his instructor told PSDF.

‘’My father is very happy and I’m grateful to PSDF for enabling me to eliminate the discontentment of my family to a larger extent. Life seems more manageable now,’’ Hashim said.

Hashim has proved that resilience, fortitude and aptitude, if granted with the right opportunities can open the doors to a blissful life.