Hafiz Mohammad Sohail

Sohail is set to draw a better future for his family!

Age, 22, Hafiz Mohammad Sohail is a resident of Bahawalnagar and is currently working at Soft Line Company in Lahore. He completed his training as a Graphics Designer with the funding of Punjab Skills Development Fund in 2014 and now earning more than PkR 20,000 per month. Sohail’s mother has been working as a domestic tailor since the death of his father. She was working day and night to arrange for the resources for her six children, yet they were always at the disposal of their relative’s financial help and assistance.

‘’ I am the eldest of my six siblings. It was heart wrenching for me to see my mother and my sisters work day and night as tailors to make bare money for our survival. My mother wanted me to continue my education, but I gave up after Intermediate. I looked for a job but I could not secure any job prospect expect of labor on daily wages. I started working at a local hotel (dhabba) to make some money. One day on my way to my work, I saw this banner publicizing PSDF funded courses in fashion and graphics design. I applied for the course and got admission. My family specially my mother was really worried on sending me to Lahore as I was the eldest but I ensured her that I would get back with my certificate and would hopefully get a respectable job’’.  He said

Sohail completed his three months course of Graphics Designer from Step Institution and then immediately got an internship at an advertising agency in Lahore. Later on he secured a good job, where he started earning reasonable money. He tries hard to send as much money as possible back at his home in Bahawalnagar and is really hopeful that he will step up the ladder of his career as a Graphics Designer.’’he said

‘’I am really happy because my mother got a relief after so many years of hardships and hard work. No she works for lesser hours as I send her money. I have also urged her to continue my siblings’ education. I have asked my sisters to attain basic education and then apply for the courses under PSDF funded various schemes so that they may be able to earn better for themselves and their families. It was somewhere in my dream, I wanted to get into this field of design but could never imagine of attending a course with full fee. It was because of free tuition, material and above all monthly stipend and hostel facility provided by PSDF, that I was able to get this diploma in design’’. He said

Sohail wants to pursue his career in Graphics design and is hopeful that he would get even better job opportunities as now he has got the right skills set.

‘’I am thankful to all the authorities that considered to vocationally educating the youth out there. This was indeed a turning point in my life and I would continue my hard work to be able to never lose any opportunity’’. He said.