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Training Service Providers (TSPs) are an integral part of PSDF’s operational model. The Fund engages various public, private and non-profit training organizations to provide vocational trainings under its schemes. All training schemes are advertised widely through newspapers and website. PSDF uses a two-stage procurement process to engage the Training Service Providers (TSPs). To become a PSDF funded Training Service Provider, the interested organization has to submit an Expression of Interest after appearance of advertisement in leading national dailies.

Training Service Providers (TSPs) must have a valid NTN/FTN in the name of organization and have had their latest annual accounts audited by an ICAP-licensed auditor. Based upon the scheme, other conditions also apply; all details are advertised and posted on PSDF website. Shortlisted organizations are requested to submit their technical and financial proposals.

Technical proposals are evaluated on the basis of management, capacity, delivery capability, training resources and past experience.

Financial bids are on per trainee basis which include trainers’ remuneration, consumables, manuals, management costs, rental/maintenance of machinery and equipment and premises, utilities and miscellaneous items. Financial proposals of only those TSPs are opened who score above a pre-announced threshold. A combined score is calculated which is a weighted average of the Technical and Financial Scores. An offer is made to the selected Training Service Provider (TSP) and if accepted, a formal contract is signed between each selected TSP and PSDF.

TSPs are funded on the basis of actual output of trainees in line with agreed standards for delivery as per the contract.