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PSDF is reaching out to all potential organisations that have large demand for skilled workforce and qualify the below mentioned criteria to enter into a “Training for Guaranteed Employment Partnership” based on cost sharing model. Large & medium industrial players (locally / internationally) willing to train for self and market are encouraged to apply. Organisations that have outsourced contractual labor may also work through third party contractors if they can provide employment guarantee and allocation of training space to the contractor.

Eligibility Criteria of the Organisation

Mandatory requirements are as below:

  • Minimum equity at-least 100 million as per latest audited financial statements
  • Must have at-least 250 permanent employees
  • Must be a going concern entity & has current / future need to absorb PSDF’s funded trainees into agreed employment activities
  • Must be a profitable company for last three years
  • Must have valid NTN/ PNTN and active tax payer as per FBR record
  • Must be registered with Provincial / Federal Sales Tax Authorities
  • Adopt a curriculum already available or develop one for the program to be offered
  • Define/Set learning area within the premises of their organisation for the program
  • Dedicate professional instructors/resources to manage the program
  • Guarantee minimum employment outcome of 50% and maximum of 70%

Details and Eligibility Criteria of Trainees

The eligibility criteria to enrol in the training program are as under:

  • Age 18-29 years
  • Should be domiciled within Punjab
  • Should not be a previously funded PSDF trainee
  • Should not be previously or presently employed with the partner organisation in any capacity
  • Marital Status: partner organisation to identify.
  • Education: Middle, Matric to Intermediate (partner organisation to identify, should be in the above-mentioned bracket and as per the curriculum requirement)
  • Any other requirement: As per the requirements of partner organisation

Organisations which fulfil the standards and are willing to train trainees as per the criteria stated above, please contact