One of the key objectives of PSDF is the creation of an ecosystem of skills training providers by motivating the private sector to enter the technical and vocational training space. Millions of young people enter the workforce every year that require skills training to pursue income generation through formal and self-employment opportunities.

PSDF has developed Formal Training Programmes for the vocational training institutes so they can access funds for training through a transparent and competitive bidding process. The programmes are open to both existing and new institutes as well as public and private sector entities.

PSDF funds the training, uniforms and bags cost for the trainees and pays them a monthly stipend as an incentive to complete training.

Key Requirements:
• Institute must be registered with an accredited agency or authority
• Each trade for which the institute bids must also be registered with an accredited agency or authority
• Institute must physically exist with dedicated classrooms and laboratories
• Dedicated management and teaching staff
• 30% employment commitment for the graduates

If you are an organisation and fulfill the below requirements then come and work with PSDF:
*NTN/FTN, proof of financial health, proof of legal status and guarantee of employment
Training In12+ Sectors
Working with270+ Training Providers
Training In250+Trades
1200+Training Locations
47000+Women Graduates